LED Lighting 
Redwood Electrical Services offer a comprehensive range of LED lighting solutions for your house and work place. 
Converting from conventional halogen bulbs over to LED lights is beneficial for many reasons including the following 

Money Saving LED Lighting 

LED lights use up to a massive 85% less energy than incandescent lighting. This shows the cost of running LED lights is far cheaper than fluorescent or incandescent lighting which is important to many people. No other type of lighting can stand up to the energy and cost saving benefits of LED lights. 

Environmental Impact of LED Lighting Solutions 

LED light bulbs are just as bright and conventional bulbs don’t use as much energy to do so saving you money. Unlike conventional bulbs, there are no harsh chemicals like mercury that can be found in older bulbs and produce almost no UV emissions. This means LED bulbs don’t fill up landfills and leak chemicals into the atmosphere because they can be recycled. 

Long Life LED Lighting 

LED lights can last up to 50,000 hours which equates to almost 10 years of continuous use. The endurance of conventional light bulbs can not compare with LED lights. 

LED Lighting Brightness 

A 26 watt LED light gives you the same brightness as an old 50 watt spotlight using up to 85% less energy resulting in lower electric bill. The even better thing is, LED lights are bright straight away unlike your usual energy saving light bulbs which can take a while to warm up. 
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