Backup Generators 
Imagine this. You’re cuddling up for family film night, popcorn in hand, and just as the film starts to get really good, the power goes out. 
What do you do? Scramble around looking for candles, stuck on a cliff-hanger for a few hours? Or do you sit back and relax as your backup generator kicks in, and watch the end of the film in peace? 
A loss of power can cause huge problems, whether that’s at home and you suddenly can’t use any of your appliances, or in a workplace that relies on the grid to power hundreds of computers and other equipment. All of these things are important to keep your life running smoothly, so when there’s suddenly a power cut, a backup generator gives you the confidence to carry on with life as normal. 
Backup Generators For Homeowners 
Whether you live in an area that’s prone to power cuts or you just want to make sure the lights are always on, it’s always good to have a backup plan. Especially if you work from or run a business from home, and you need power to keep bread on the table. Backup generators are a simple and affordable way to make sure you always have power to your home, even if the grid goes down. 
Best of all, they provide peace of mind that your family won't have to endure another challenging power outage in the dark. A home standby generator system consists of two products: a standby generator unit and an automatic transfer switch. The two work in concert with your home to ensure when power is lost, it’s only for a matter of seconds before backup power kicks in, so you can keep working without even noticing that the power has gone out. 
Backup Generators For Commercial 
A commercial standby generator is a perfect solution for any business that needs an uninterrupted supply of power at all times. With the ability to restore electricity within power loss, keeping your business up and running. Once the power has been restored, the generator even switches off automatically, so it’s ready for the next power outage. 
Backup generators are the perfect way to ensure continued service for your business in the event of a power cut, and a great way to avoid any costly downtime. Generators can be adjusted to suit the needs of your commercial space, and come in many space-saving, environmentally friendly and cost-effective options. 
We are proud to use Pramec products to design a backup generator and battery system, with Socomec transfer switches and Shelly power monitors giving you all the control and information you need at the touch of a button. Just ask one of our engineers for a free site survey to find out more. 
Why Use Redwood Electrical? 
At Redwood Electrical we are experienced in supplying and fitting backup generators. We can help you choose the right unit to suit your needs, where it needs to be installed, and manage the whole process for you. Our NICEIC-registered electricians have over 10 years’ experience and are on hand to ensure your backup generator is installed safely and maintained properly. So you never have to worry about being caught out by a power cut again. 
Contact us to get a quote for backup generator installation today. 
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