In the UK, the survival rate of Sudden Cardiac Arrest is only 5%-10%. But with the right equipment available, that rate skyrockets to 74%. And all you need is access to a defibrillator. 
There’s no denying that defibrillators save lives. But they are most effective when used in the first few minutes of a cardiac incident. Which is why there is such a huge push for more public-access defibrillators to be installed across the country. 
A public access defibrillator is a mobile defibrillator unit (also known as an AED), which can be accessed using a code given by the ambulance. They come with clear instructions that are simple to follow and allow you to provide life-saving care to someone who has experienced a heart attack or other cardiac incident. But they aren’t as simple to install as just tightening a few screws. 
Can I Have A Defibrillator Fitted At My Premises? 
Defibrillators can be fitted anywhere that they can be easily accessed. This could be by yourself and your staff, within your workplace, or it could be on the outside of your property to allow for public access. That can be as simple as the outside of your building, all the way to an unused telephone box or even a bus stop. 
With a public access defibrillator, the unit is locked within a cabinet that is easily accessible to members of the general public. It will be locked with a code, and once someone has called the ambulance service a code can be given over the phone by the paramedics. Once the code is entered the box will unlock, and all you have to do is follow the instructions on the unit. 
While the AED units themselves don’t need power to work, some of the cabinets they are kept in do. That’s why it’s important to have your defibrillator installed by a qualified electrician. 
Why Use Redwood Electrical? 
Redwood Electrical services are always looking for ways to give back to the community that’s helped us grow, which is why we’re happy to provide full installation of public defibrillators either inside your workplace or for public access. All of our electricians are trained in the supply and installation of these life-saving units, and can provide you with all the information you need to get them up and running. We can even help you maintain and test them over time. 
Once we’ve installed your unit we can also help you register it with the local ambulance service so that they will be able to see where it’s located and give out access codes to the public. If you’re a local charity or other body interested in having a public defibrillator installed, please get in touch to discuss our discounted rates. 
Contact us to get a quote for defibrillator installation today. 
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