Redwood Electrical Gallery 
We didn’t want to bore you with images of fuse boxes or lighting circuits, though we’re jolly good at fixing and installing these! Instead, we thought you’d enjoy some of our more aesthetically pleasing work… 
Here are some of the stunning results that can be achieved with tailored interior and exterior lighting. If you’re stuck for ideas, you might find some inspiration here - then give us a call and we can discuss how to achieve the look you want. 
LED ground lights are very versatile and can be used to create focal points and to light pathways. 
Small lights can be used to make a garden look more dramatic at night. Their narrow beam lights up specific areas, without flooding the space with too much light. They are also perfect as uplights on building exteriors, as it keeps the light between the windows, without lighting the inside. 
Walls, flowers and plants can be lit up with a range of colours, depending on the season, the occasion or your choice of theme – all from the comfort of your armchair! 
If you can’t decide on a colour for the exterior of your property, we can install large colour changing lights, which can change colour at the touch of a button. 
Planning a new kitchen or an extension? There are lots of options for installing lighting to create the right atmosphere – visual clarity when you’re busy doing something, and a more relaxed feel when it’s time to wind down. 
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